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Balch 1


      Welcome to my little spot for the Balch branch of my family.  There are so many great web pages for the Balch line, and so many distant cousins out there that I didn't even know existed.  After researching this line, I would say that the Balch line is more than just a branch, it could be the whole tree by itself.  I'm very proud to say that I am a direct descendant of John Balch.  In order to save space, I'm gonna add links to these web pages that have helped me out so much, and will add my branch of this ever growing tree.
Martha's Genealogy Balch Gen Forum
Aunt Sissy's Page  The Balch House
Karin Morey's Page Old tin type pics
Balch's and Witchcraft   The Horton Balch House
Balch House Assos. My Balch Line

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